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College of Fine Arts and Communications History

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Jacob Wyatt

Leonard Jacob Elmer Wyatt graduated from Brigham Young University in 2012 with a bachelor's of fine arts degree in animation.

In 2010, Wyatt was selected as a winner of the Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Competition.

In 2011, Wyatt directed the film Metro for the BYU Center of Animation. The film later won the Audience Choice Award and placed first at the Student Film Association Festival, Final Cut. The film was also shown at the Nantucket Film Festival in 2012. Of the four awards given at the festival, Metro was selected as the best short film.

In 2016, Wyatt co-directed an animated short for Olympic champion Usain Bolt called "The Boy Who Learned To Fly | Usain Bolt." His company, Moonbot, was contracted by Gatorade to complete the project for the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

To view his wiki page, click here.

Catherine Winters

Catherine Winters is currently studying music at Brigham Young University and plays the flute.

As an incoming freshmen in 2013 to BYU, Winters won first place in the High School Soloist Competition sponsored by the National Flute Association.

Winters has also soloed three times with the Utah Symphony and was featured as a guest artist in the 2014 All-Star concert. She has also performed with the Utah Valley and American Fork Symphonies.

Winters has won first place in the Utah State Fair Competition and is a three-time winner of the UMTA concerto Competition. She is also a multiple first place winner in Utah Flute Association's sonata and concerto competitions.

In 2016, Winters coordinated with internationally acclaimed flute composer Dai Fujikura to perform his piece titled Flute Concerto with BYU's Group for New Music.

Winters enjoys playing the piano, writing poetry, and singing with the BYU Singers.

To view her wiki page, click here.

Joel Campbell

Joel B. Campbell graduated from Brigham Young University in 1987 with a bachelor's degree in journalism studies. He received an associate's degree in journalism from BYU–Idaho in 1985, and after receiving his bachelor's degree, received a graduate degree from Ohio State University. He is an associate professor of journalism at BYU, and is the managing editor of the University student paper, The Universe.

In 2010 Campbell received the Utah Press Association’s John E. Jones Award. The award recognized individuals committed to the preservation of newspapers. Campbell's papers are constantly published in academic and professional journals and newspapers. In 2012 Campbell published a textbook entitled Making it Work: Strengthening the Relationship between Journalists and PR Practitioners. He also regularly publishes columns in The Salt Lake Tribune.

Throughout his career Campbell has been the Society of Professional Journalists' National Freedom of Information (FOI) Chair and has also served in other capacities on the FOI committee. He worked for the Deseret News for fifteen years.

In 2012, Campbell and fellow professor Kris Boyle presented a paper entitled Baptism of Fire: A Comparative Analysis of Media Coverage of the LDS Church’s Practice of Proxy Baptisms. In 2014, the paper was accepted into the Journal of Media and Religion.

Before the presidential election in 2016, Campbell conducted research concerning the change and evolution of political endorsements by different news industries.

To view his wiki page, click here.

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Fine Arts Faculty, 1925.

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