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"More of Our Own Giants" : David T. Warner

On October 5, 2011, David T. Warner was honored with a College Alumni Award from the College of Fine Arts and Communications.

David T. Warner, 2011
Warner received a B.A. in philosophy and a Ph.D. in theatre and film from BYU, and did graduate work in music at Indiana University. Formerly the artistic director of Boise Opera and a founding director of the Film Actors Theater of Los Angeles, Brother Warner was a full-time faculty member at BYU in the David O. McKay School of Education and the College of Fine Arts and Communications before becoming director of the Music and Cultural Arts Division and chairman of the General Music Committee for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

He is currently Managing Director of the Church’s Priesthood Department. Recent projects include the Nauvoo Pageant and HA: Breath of Life at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Brother Warner’s work is published by Oxford University Press and can be heard on the Deutsche Grammaphone, Telarc, Tantara, and Tabernacle Choir labels. For over a decade his writing and directing have been enjoyed by PBS audiences nationwide. Brother Warner is currently serving as a stake president in Provo, Utah. He is married to Allison Hickman and they are the parents of two boys.

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Newly Appointed Museum of Art Director: Mark A. Magleby

Mark Magleby, 2011

Mark A. Magleby is the director of the Museum of Art at BYU. His duties will officially begin on January 1, 2012. Previous to his appointment, Magleby taught as an assistant professor of art history at BYU.

Magleby's long tenured background with BYU began in his undergrad years when he graduated from in 1989 with a bachelor's degree in art history. He later received a master's and doctorate degree from Ohio State University in 1992 and 2009, respectively. Before working at BYU, Magleby was an art history faculty member at both Ohio State University and Denison University.

Magleby taught courses in twentieth-century and contemporary art and architecture, as well as in eighteen-century European art, architecture and garden history. His research interests include exoticism – Chinoiserie and Turquerie styles – in Georgian Britain, English country estates and portraiture of the same era, and the arts and cultural practices attending the English tradition of a Grand Tour to Italy.

Magleby’s scholarship has focused on the influential gardens of Stourhead in the United Kingdom, as well as the creation of a database of English garden history. He co-authored with Leslie Norris the book Kershisnik: Painting from Life. Magleby’s prior work with the museum includes co-curating the exhibition Allegories of Empire as well as assisting with exhibition-related symposia involving internationally recognized scholars. However, his work has not only involved prominent professionals. Magleby collaborated with students and HBLL library personnel in recent years to create a searchable database of gardeners, masons, carpenters and other craftspeople involved in eighteenth-century garden making. He has mentored art history students in England and supervised three study abroad programs.

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The Purposes of the Wiki

Fine Arts Faculty, 1925.
The purposes of this College of Fine Arts and Communications History Wiki are:

1. To be a witness of the ways in which the College of Fine Arts and Communications –and its associated departments, professors, students, friends, and benefactors – have contributed over time toward fulfilling the Mission and destiny of Brigham Young University.

2. To create a record of the organizational roots of the college and its departments.

3. To create a record of the people who have worked and contributed their efforts and resources to the students and disciplines of this college.

4. To provide a forum in which college alumni can record their contributions and performances; their experiences with teaching and learning; and the ways in which they were mentored and influenced as students in this college.

5. To recognize all who have been associated with the college who have made national and international contributions to their fields.

6. To allow those who have been associated with the college over the years to be co-authors and collaborators in writing the college history.

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