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Dr. Dale Cressman is originally from Canada and came to the U.S. via a swimming scholarship from Brigham Young University. After his continued education, his love for the University brought him back to BYU. Cressman was an assistant professor at Brigham Young University and news director of KBYU TV and FM between 1993 and 1996. He left BYU for a season to work on a PhD in communications at University of Utah, which he completed in 2003. He now provides engaging class discussion filled with animated detail and humor to teach BYU communications students.
Cressman’s most recent research is on journalism history and he has published in the Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media and American Journalism. He is currently working on articles associated with New York City newspaper buildings, the Nixon administration's relations with ABC TV News, and 1963 as the pivotal year for the development of network television news. He is also currently writing a book-length biography of Elmer W. Lower, best known as President of ABC News.
Dr. Cressman worked in television before his current instruction at BYU through jobs as a television news producer in South Bend, Indiana; an Executive Producer in Waco, Texas and Salt Lake City; as a Managing Editor in Green Bay, Wisconsin; and as a line-up editor at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
Dr. Cressman also produced an Emmy award winning television documentary "Russia: Hidden Memory," in 1995.
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