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Thomas A Griffiths, in 2005, receiving the Ed Bliss Award for Distinguished Broadcast Journalism Professor from the Radio-Television Journalism Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. Presenting the award is Jim Upshaw, who won the award in 2007.

Thomas A. Griffiths graduated from Brigham Young University in 1976 with a master's degree in communications. He received his bachelor's degree in sociology from BYU in 1968.

Griffiths was working in Salt Lake City as a Senior Reporter and Anchor at CBS affiliate KSL radio and television in 1974 when he was hired to set up a Broadcast News program at BYU. He spent thirty-two years at BYU working as Director of Media Relations, Director of KBYU News and Public Affairs, General Manager of KBYU-TV and KBYU-FM, CEO of the BYU Broadcast Services Division, and founding CEO of the Blue and White Network. He also served as the Associate Dean of the College of Fine Arts and Communications from 1995 to 1997. His teaching specialties included reporting, news and documentary production, broadcast performance, broadcast programming, media management and economics.

Griffiths has received thirty-four major regional, national, and international creative awards in his professional career. These awards include four Emmy’s, a CINE Gold Eagle, a first place award from the Birmingham International Film Festival, United Press International Documentary of the Year, and Daughters of the American Revolution award for Outstanding Educational TV Series.

He now serves as a consultant at BYU-Hawaii, helping renovate the university’s media production facilities and designing a media production academic program. He is the Associate Director of Communications at BYU-Hawaii and oversees the recently organized Media Production and Broadcast Services department. Griffiths has also begun the effort to obtain a non-commercial, educational FM radio license for the university, which is currently under consideration at the FCC.

Griffiths and his wife, Annette Cottam, have six children and ten grandchildren.

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