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Richard LeRoy Gunn was born on September 28, 1918 to Benjamin and Fanny Ensign Gunn. He was raised in Salt Lake City, Utah and attended the University of Utah for two years before transferring to Brigham Young University, where he completed a Bachelor's Degree in Art in 1947, and a Master's Degree in Art in 1950. He went on to receive an Educational Doctorate degree at Stanford University in 1955.

Gunn interrupted his studies to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Hawaii, during which time Pearl Habor was attacked. When he returned home from his mission he enlisted in the Army and served in the 948th Army engineer corps. He then used his training in the arts to teach public school and eventually serve as the curator of the Springville Art Museum.

Gunn is best known for the thirty-five years he spent at BYU as a professor, inspiring countless students through his graphics and art history classes. In 1972 he was recognized as Professor of the Year, and in 1976 he was presented with a Distinguished Service Award for his service to the university. He also served for several years as the chair of the Art Department.

In 1942 he married Jeanne Wright and the couple ultimately had six children. After 47 years of marriage Jeanne passed away from the effects of cancer. Gunn later married Jeanine Done Hansen, who was his devoted wife for the next 22 years until Richard passed away on March 28, 2013.

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