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Randall Boothe received a bachelor's degree in music from Brigham Young University–Hawaii in 1976, and received a master's degree in music education from Brigham Young University in 1979. Boothe is currently an associate professor in BYU’s School of Music and the artistic director for the Young Ambassadors. He served as an Associate Dean of the College of Fine Arts and Communications from 2010 to 2015.

Boothe has led the Young Ambassadors since 1979 and was a performer in the first Young Ambassadors tour. The Young Ambassadors have toured all over the world, sharing their talents and the standards of BYU with dignitaries and high-ranking officials and even the crowds waiting for a flight at the airport. Boothe has also directed the music at Jackson Hole Playhouse for over thirty years. He has remained at BYU despite job offers at other prestigious organizations, including Disney.

Boothe has directed multiple large productions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, including Faith in Every Footstep, Utah's 1997 Sesquicentennial Spectacular, and Light of the World, presented during the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. He also directed Remembering the Prophet Joseph, a 200th anniversary celebration, and both Luz de las Naciones and Tesoros de las Americas, the 2004 and 2006 Hispanic celebrations hosted in the LDS Conference Center.

Boothe presented the speech, Seasons of Choice, at a BYU devotional in 2003.

At the April 2012 convocation for the School of Music, Boothe provided the piano accompaniment for the Music Dance Theatre students' performance of "The New World" from Jason Brown's Songs for a New World.

In 2013, the Young Ambassadors performed at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Their program included songs through the decades, from Gershwin to Miley Cyrus, all focused around the theme, Harmony: The Music of Life.

In January 2014, Boothe was featured in the Utah Valley Magazine's Music That Moves section. In the article, Boothe shares his passion and involvements with music and the Young Ambassadors. In February 2014, he received a Star Award at the SCERA Theatre for his lifelong contributions in theatre. In November of that year, Boothe was the music advisor for the musical Paint My Eyes, written by BYU student Jamie Erekson. This production was funded by BYU's Laycock Center for Creative Collaboration in the Arts.

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