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Marian Eastwood Wardle graduated from Brigham Young University in 1973 with a bachelor's degree in Spanish. In 1988, she completed a master's degree in art history, after which she attended the University of Maryland to complete her doctoral studies.

While studying in Maryland, Wardle began her study of the Weir family. Her dissertation focused on several artists, one of whom was Julian Alden Weir. In her research process, she ended up reading 21 volumes of Julian's mother's journals, thus familiarizing herself with the family. The completed project is a collection of essays about the family of artists, which Wardle co-authored and edited.

In 2011, Wardle's longtime project, The Weir Family, 1820-1920: Expanding the Traditions of American Art, was awarded the 2010 Wyeth Foundation for American Art Publication Grant, administered by the College Art Association. It provided significant funding to the University Press of New England for publication of the peer-reviewed book, which also bears the CAA logo. Marian also received the W.E. Fischelis Award from the Victorian Society in America in 2012 for her work.

The essays in The Weir Family, 1920-1920 are primarily centered on the transatlantic roots of the three Weirs and their encounters and exchanges with European art and artists of the period. Robert, Julian, and John Weir brought ideas from the European continent back to the United States and disseminated them through their own teaching and artistic explorations.

In 2000, Wardle became the American art curator for the Museum of Art and served in that position until her retirement in June, 2016


Wardle, Marian, ed. The Weir Family, 1820-1920: Expanding the Traditions of American Art. Brigham Young University Museum of Art in association with University Press of New England, 2011.

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