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Marilyn Berrett

Marilyn Berrett, chair of the Brigham Young University Department of Dance since 2011, graduated from the University of Utah with a BA in Dance Performance in 1979. She later graduated from BYU with her MA in Dance in 1984.

Berrett has been involved in several landmark events in the college’s history. In 2002, she founded Kinnect, a student outreach dance company at BYU. The goal of the company is to teach dance as a creative process to elementary and middle school age children, following the U.S. national dance standards and the Utah State dance core curriculum.

Since 2006, she has participated in the Chinese Arts Education Leaders Workshop, a program where art instructors from mainland China come to BYU and conference with BYU faculty on teaching the arts.

In 2010, she delivered a University Devotional address entitled Earnest Prayer. Her remarks can be found here.

She has served on BYU's ARTS Partnership coordinating council, on the dance and Child international (daCi) board, and as president of the Utah Dance Education Organization (UEDO). Berrett presents professional development workshops for arts leadership organizations, professional dance companies and universities in the US and abroad. She is the recipient of BYU's 2013 Alumni Professorship, 1998 Excellence in Teaching award, and grants from the Utah Arts Council, the BYU Laycock Center, Mary Lou Fulton Chair, and Office of Research.

She has been a master teacher in the Utah Artist in Education program, and is a certified elementary educator and independent dance artist. Her choreography has been featured in stage and film productions across the United States, Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America.

Berrett will be speaking at the Convocation for the College of Fine Arts and Communications in August, 2014.

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Brett Helquist


Brett Helquist received his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in Illustration from Brigham Young University in 1993. He is the 2014 BYU Homecoming Spectacular College of Fine Arts and Communications Honored Alumnus Award recipient.

Helquist is perhaps best known for his work illustrating Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events, which he considers to be his breakthrough experience in illustration. In addition to the Series of Unfortunate Events, he has also authored and illustrated three of his own books: Roger the Jolly Pirate, Bedtime for Bear, and Grumpy Goat. He also has a long list of other illustrated works, including books by Neil Gaiman, Blue Balliett, and Shana Corey.

Helquist served a mission in Hong Kong and then taught English in Taiwan for a year during his time as an undergraduate student at BYU. It was in Taiwan that he first professionally used his artistic talent, drawing illustrations for a series of English textbooks. After graduating from BYU, he interned with illustrator Robert Neubecker in New York for four months. The experience was formative for him, and he still resides and works in New York.

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Hunter Phillips

Hunter Phillips is majoring in Media Arts Studies at BYU.

Phillips finished directing Beyond last month, a full-length feature film serving as the pilot episode to the single-season series. The cast and crew that he directed, aside from a handful of faculty and alumni mentors, was composed entirely of BYU students. For Phillips, this experience was not only a significant responsibility for a large collaborative project, but his first time directing a film. The project was funded by the University Film Committee and completed under the mentorship of Tom and Courtney Russell.

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