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John Davies graduated from Brigham Young University in 2002 with a master's degree in mass communications. Davies completed his undergraduate studies in sociology and psychology while attending the University of Alberta in his hometown of Edmonton, Alberta. He then earned a PhD in mass communication from and the University of Alabama].

In 2008 Davies joined the Department of Communications faculty at BYU and teaches classes on communications research and media processes and effects. He also researches why people use media and what effects media has on them. Specifically, he focuses on how people develop an affinity for characters in media. So far, he says he has found that “merely being exposed to a character increases liking.” In 2012 he was named the director of the Research Center for the department of Communications. Davies also published articles in several academic journals including: Communication Quarterly, Journal of Promotion Management, Journalism Innovation, and the Journal of Media Sociology.

As a professor, his goal is to prepare his students for bigger and better things. He looks forward to seeing his students succeed and become the next generation's scholars.

Davies and his wife, Christine, are the parents of three boys and two girls. They’ve been a "Crimson Tide" family for several years, Davies admits, but look forward to supporting the BYU Cougars.

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