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Jiamin Huang is a faculty member in the Modern Dance Division of the Department of Dance at Brigham Young University.

Huang studied at the Beijing Dance Academy from 1980 to 1984, where she received a bachelor's degree in dance education. She then joined the faculty at that Academy. In 1996 Huang and her husband moved to the United States and attended BYU. Huang received a master's degree dance from BYU in 1998. Shortly thereafter Huang joined the faculty in the BYU Dance Department.

Huang is especially interested in linking her colleagues and students at BYU with Chinese arts educators and students. She plays a large role in the China Study Abroad Program, as well as Chinese Arts Education Workshop. Her research specifically studies the design and implementation of the Chinese study abroad program to determine whether it achieves its stated purpose of enhancing students' ability to to understand and appreciate the skills of inter-cultural communication for life-long enrichment.

In 2012 Huang choreographed a dance for members of the Beijing Dance Academy who came to BYU and performed with the BYU Chamber and Philharmonic orchestras.

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