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Jami Palmer, former Governor's Office Staff, works for the Children's Miracle Network and supports the Power In You campaign.


Early Life

Jami Leilani Palmer was raised in Park Valley, Utah (a small farming community near Tremonton, in Northern Utah.)

When Palmer was 12, she discovered a lump on her knee, which was diagnosed as a fast growing bone cancer. In her early teenage years, Palmer endured 25 chemotherapy treatments and a bone transplant. Her battle with cancer left Palmer sick, baldheaded, and empowered. Through her struggle, Palmer became passionate about life, and about making the most of every opportunity.

When the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Utah presented Palmer with a wish, she asked to become a spokeswomen for the foundation – a wish never made by any other person. Throughout middle school, Palmer traveled to other schools, sharing her story and inspiring youth.

Jami Palmer was crowned Miss Utah in 2000.
In 2000, Palmer’s inspiring story of overcoming adversity while helping others, led her to the title of Miss Utah. Winning the beauty pageant had long been Palmer’s dream.


Palmer received her bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism from BYU. Palmer’s goal was to be the next Peter Jennings. And her goal seemed plainly in view – her professor Bob Walz praised her as being a natural reporter.

However, her plan took a detour when she was recruited to work for Jon Huntsman, Jr.’s campaign for Utah Governor.

Palmer later attended the University of Utah, working on her master’s in Public Administration. (Decker)


When Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr. was inaugurated in 2004, he remembered the work Palmer had done on his campaign and made her his executive assistant. She served in that capacity until May 2007, when she was promoted to Deputy Director of Communications. (Staff Changes)

In September 2007, Palmer announced that she would be leaving the Governor’s office to assume a position as a national director for the Children’s Miracle Network.

Regarding her leave, Governor Huntsman said,
Jami has been an integral part of this office since we arrived," Governor Huntsman said. "I am deeply indebted to her for her selfless service and dedication to the success of Utah. I wish her and her fiancé all the best. (Jami Palmer)

Palmer also is currently employed as an evening reporter for ABC 4 news in Salt Lake City. (Jami Palmer)

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