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James Rees, 2010


Personal Statement

"Henry James said that "art is nothing more than the shadow of humanity'. So it would seem that I love to linger in the shadows. I am an avid mountain biking, printmaker (artist), constant reader, foodie and lover of life. I have a zeal for living well and lust for life. However, to the casual observer, it may appear as if I have been meandering through life like a drunkard on roller blades; weaving in and out of days, months and years. Trying to balance the various tasks associated with the various hats I often wear; artist, teacher and researcher."


James Rees has taught art for over fifteen years at the University, college and High School levels. For him "the arts enlarge the student’s imagination and widens their view of the world through visual thinking. Teaching the arts should heighten the student’s senses and increase their ability to experience the world in a more complex, subtle, and meaningful manner, and have them confront their own thinking." He graduated from BYU in 1989 with a degree in Drawing.

Awards and Recognitions

Rees is a Fulbright Memorial Fund Scholar and has also received awards from the National Art Education Association and the Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation as well as several residencies and fellowships throughout the United States. He is passionate in his advocacy for art education and currently serves on several advisory boards and state art education committees. In addition to his contribution as an art educator, he continues to work as an artist and exhibit his artwork nationally. He was honored in 2006, by the David O. McKay School of Education as the Outstanding Art Educator of the Year.

In addition to his contribution as an art educator, he continues to work as an artist and exhibit his artwork regionally and nationally.

Rees currently teaches art at Provo High School in Provo, Utah. In 2010, his students participated in Operation Paydirt, a nationwide campaign to decontaminate soil in New Orleans. In 2013 Rees was honored as one of the top five Art educators in the state, and was presented with the inaugural Sorensen Legacy Award for Excellence in Art Education.

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