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Jacqui Biggs Larsen, 2009



Jacqui Biggs Larsen is a full-time artist who graduated from BYU in 1988 with an MFA in Painting and Drawing. While at BYU, Larsen studied under Hagen Haltern.

BYU Experience

Eternity Waltz
When asked to describe her experience as a student in Professor Hagen Haltern’s Intensive Drawing Studio, Larsen explains that like the best teachers of art, Hagen guided his students in the momentous dual task of forging both a personal vision and a formal language to house that vision. He influenced them to believe that art is a task that is never fully completed, but evolves as the artist does, becoming a way of life.

In Larsen’s opinion, in the Intensive Studio, Haltern created a microcosm of the artist’s life. She relates that students spent their days in that room with the instructor, each gingerly carving out individual visions while talking, laughing, singing, sulking, arguing, or falling silent. Hagen showed them that inspiration could be found in disparate and often seemingly unlikely places—from close observation of nature (shells, feathers, and bones), to stepping out of pop culture and inhabiting other worlds and perspectives via foreign films, the in-depth study of a wide range of artists, and the scriptures.

It’s hard to measure the effect one teacher, or one class, has on a lifetime of work, but certainly Haltern and The Intensive Studio left its mark on Larsen. She values her time there for the deep camaraderie, the devotion to creating that they shared, and the overall atmosphere of faith and hope.


Sailing Dress for the Seven Seas
After graduating, she went on to create a successful career as a painter and mixed media artist. Her work has been exhibited throughout the United States and she has participated in several major exhibitions including Women Beyond Borders, Art Equinox, Metaphorically Speaking, Ancient Fragments in a New Light, and Rearranging the Landscape. She is the recipient of numerous awards and fellowships, and her work was selected to represent Utah in The De-Constructed West, a four-state fellowship exhibition at the Millennium Arts Center in Washington DC. In 2009, Larsen's work was included in an exhibit in the Harris Fine Arts Center, which was centered around Hagen Haltern and his students. In all, Jacqui’s paintings demonstrate a commitment to personal vision and careful observation, proof that art can indeed become a way of life.

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