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Elaine Eliason Englehardt graduated from Brigham Young University in 1974 with a bachelor's degree in communications and a master's degree in communications in 1984. Englehardt has been a professor of ethics and philosophy at the Utah Valley University since 1976.

Englehardt is responsible for the creation of seven multi-year, national grants. Four are large grants in the Ethics Across the Curriculum from the Department of Educations' FIPSE; and three are in interdisciplinary Ethics from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Because of her first NEH grant funding the origin of the Ethics and Values core interdisciplinary course at UVU, she has deemed the title of founder of the Ethics Across the Curriculum movement. Englehardt was awarded the Theodore M. Hesburgh Award as a tribute to the program. After the Enron scam of 2001, Englehardt's movement blossomed into a national phenomenon and quadrupled attendance of her conferences including visitors around the world.

Englehardt is the author of more than eight books and co-editor of the journal Teaching Ethics. She has written numerous peer reviewed articles. She has served in various administrative positions at UVU including Vice President, Dean and Director. She has served on Utah’s Judicial Conduct Commission for 8 years, Utah Humanities Council for 7 years and the Utah County Planning and Zoning Commission for 10 years. Her PhD is from the University of Utah. For 20 years Dr. Englhardt taught the Chanel 9 distance education television course "Ethics and Values" produced by UVU as well as numerous videos on a variety of topics in ethics. She has written and presented number papers and directed numerous grants.


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