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Edgar Milando Jenson (1888-1958) was an artist, teacher, and educational administrator in Utah. Edgar was born in Ephraim, Utah, to Hans Christian and Nellie Lunstein Jensen on April 6. He attended local schools and also taught in Ephraim. On September 4, 1918 he married Ivie May Gardner in the St. George, Utah Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The couple had three children: Nellie, Beverly, and Gloria.

Jenson received a master's degree in Education in 1919 from Brigham Young University and was the first to receive such a degree from the school. After completing his degree he embarked on a career in education. He taught at many schools and was the president of Dixie College (1923-26), head of the BYU Teacher Replacement Bureau, and an art teacher at BYHigh, where he also served as principal from 1928-1935. He was a member of the BYU Visual Arts Faculty.

Although known for his administrative capabilities, Jenson is also known for his illustrations and for his stories. His grandson, William Jenson Adams, collected many of those stories and published them as Sanpete Tales: Humorous Folklore from Central Utah.

On May 25, 1958 Jenson passed away in Utah. Eight years later, on July 21, 1966, Ivie May also passed away.


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