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Dustin R. Locke graduated from Brigham Young University in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in communications. He was included on the Fall 2010 Dean's List.

In 2013, Locke worked with BYU's Laycock Center as the creative director in the Hyundai Lens of Loyalty competition. BYU was selected as one of the seven finalists out of 25 to receive additional funding for the final round of the competition. BYU's video, Lens of Loyalty, involved clips of BYU football fans around the world showing how they watch and follow the BYU Cougars football matches. Lens of Loyalty won first place with the Most Loyal Award.

In 2014, Locke co-founded the charitable movement, Selfie Police, with Charles Barton. The idea originated as Selfie Jar, winning a 24hours of Creativity competition hosted by BYU's Laycock Center‏‎. Selfie Police encourages people to donate $1 for every selfie they post online, but also encourages the policing of friends, family, and celebrities to donate to charity when caught posting a picture of themselves online.

Also in 2014, at the American Advertising Awards Gala, a Silver Award was awarded to "Alfa Romero - Wonder Print", for which Locke was an artistic designer. At the 2015 Gala, Locke received a Gold Addy for his work on the "Right Trigger" advertisement.

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