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Sayda Desiree Gonzalez Garza is a student at Brigham Young University pursuing her master's degree in Music Performance and Pedagogy. Garza completed her undergraduate at BYU in 2012. She is currently a president of the BYU Chapter of the Music Teachers' National Association.

In 2011, while still an undergrad, Garza performed in the College of Fine Arts and Communications convocation with music performance majors, Marcelo Maldonado and Robert Ballantyne Willes on the clarinet and cello, respectively.

In January of 2012 Garza and colleague Christie Sowby, along with their professor, Scott Holden, attended and presented at the National Symposium of Piano Pedagogy, hosted by the University of Michigan. The team's presentation and Dr. Holden's masterclass were all well-received and BYU was invited to host the symposium in 2013.

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