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Ray and Tye Noorda
The Ray and Tye Noorda Foundation was founded in 2000 and has supported multiple schools and universities throughout Utah, including the Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind, the University of Utah, Brigham Young University, and many others. Their support has enabled students to experience enriched learning opportunities.
"I did not start or manage successful companies or help establish charitable foundations like your father or grandfather, Ray Noorda, did....My contributions have been comparatively small, but I have tried to do some things which I felt would be beneficial to the lives of others"
~Tye Noorda in a letter to her children and grandchildren

The Noorda Foundation’s generous donations to the College of Fine Arts and Communications have made it possible for students to have special mentored experiences with a faculty member or professional in their discipline, embrace internship opportunities, and show their love of the Savior and of art as they share their talents and experiences with others.

Ray and Tye Noorda,
Molly S. Williams, 2009
"Whether by building Utah families and corporations, helping those in need, or touching the lives of young people one on one, together, you and Ray have changed the world for the better. In your songs and plays and by your example, you have taught young people to develop courage in speech and confidence on the stage; to learn the values of loving, caring and sharing; to forgive and to work, to sing and have fun. You have taught them to learn about themselves by learning of the Savior."
~Stephen Jones, Dean of the College of Fine Arts and Communications
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