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Stephen Jones, Lael Woodbury, Bruce Christensen, K. Newell Dayley
The College of Fine Arts, consisting of the Departments of Art, Music, and Dramatic Arts was founded in 1925, under the direction of University President Franklin Stewart Harris (Wilkinson, 2:285).

In 1963, the Department of Communications joined the college, and it was renamed the College of Fine Arts and Communications (Wilkinson, 2:622).

Dean's Office History

A college council was held in 2004, with all the previous deans and spouses. Pictured left to right are Front Row: DeAnna Scanlon, Rory Scanlon, Scott Boyter, Roger Sorensen, Claudia Sorensen, Diane Dayley. Middle Row: Janet Reim, Vicki Barrett, Sherrie Boyter, Margaret Woodbury, Brenda Butterfieeld, Chris Fry, Linda Sullivan, K. Newell Dayley. Back Row: John Reim, Ruth Monson, Don Powell, Lael Woodbury, Barbara Christensen, Bruce Christensen, Stephen Jones, Wendy Jones, Rebecca Ott.

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  • Wilkinson, Ernest Brigham Young University: The First One Hundred Years Brigham Young University Press, 1976.

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