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CFAC-SA, or the College of Fine Arts and Communications Student Association was organized by the College of Fine Arts and Communications Dean's Office in 2009. The purpose of the council, according to the CFAC-SA charter is to "connect students with each other and with administrators, creating a way for student voices to be heard, catalyzing collaboration, and enriching student experiences." The council serves as a sounding board for the administration and plans college-wide activities and meetings that encourage interdisciplinary collaboration.


The CFAC-SA was largely put into motion by the efforts of Dean's Office Student Secretary and BYU Student Association Student Advisory Council (BYUSA SAC) member, Katie Geilman and fellow member McKay Harline, Dean Stephen M. Jones and Rebecca Ott.

After a series of preliminary student meetings to determine the needs the Association would meet, a call for applications for students to join the council went out in winter semester 2010. The first official year of CFAC-SA started in September 2010, and had seven student members. As Katie had graduated the previous April, McKay was appointed as the first chair of the council. The faculty advisor for the Association is associate dean, Gary Barton.

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