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BYU Broadcasting (BYUB) is home to Brigham Young University’s educational broadcast channels. It utilizes both television and radio to train students on using broadcast technology, increase community education, provide LDS Church members with uplifting programing and support the ongoing missionary efforts of the Church. BYU Broadcasting consists of the following:

  • KBYU-TV - a PBS member station broadcasting statewide in Utah
  • KBYU-FM - a radio station broadcasted in Utah County and known as Classical 89.
  • BYU Television - an English channel in North American via cable and satellite and worldwide via the Internet and the LDS Church satellite network.
  • BYU Television International - a sister-station to BYU Television that broadcasts simultaneously in English, Spanish and Portuguese worldwide.
  • BYU Television International (available in Spanish and English) es un canal de cable/satélite que transmite simultáneamente en inglés, español y portugués en todo el mundo.

BYU Broadcasting aims to inform and enrich audiences by acquiring, creating, and distributing programs that reflect the values of Brigham Young University and its sponsoring institution, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and the shared values of good people of all backgrounds and faiths.

For nearly 80 years, BYU Broadcasting has enjoyed a rich history of technical and creative collaboration with the Department of Communications and later the College of Fine Arts and Communications.

From its first broadcast on a two-tube transmitter built by the Department of Physics in 1931 to global transmissions via the Internet and satellite and cable television, BYU Broadcasting has met the challenges of rapidly changing technology with grace and poise.

Recent Developments

In order to continue meeting the demands of new technology and growing interest and need, the university has announced two new changes that will have a dramatic effect on both BYUB and the College of Fine Arts and Communications.

Groundbreaking for the new BYU Broadcasting building took place on May 7, 2010, presided over by Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve. The building, located east of the Marriott Center and north of the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum, will include TV and radio production studios, editing space, a new Web department and other facilities. The new facility will bring BYU Television, BYU Radio, Classical 89, KBYU Television and BYU Television International under one roof, opening up much-needed space in the Harris Fine Arts Center. Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony, Elder Ballard said
“I don’t believe any of us really realize what we’re starting here today. In my vision and my feeling, this broadcasting effort from Brigham Young University has the potential of being the voice that will be heard around the world, that will be the voice of the Lord, that will take head-on the contest that is going on in the world between good and evil.”

A week later, on May 15, [[Stephen M. Jones], Dean of the College of Fine Arts and Communications, announced the university’s board of trustees had approved a change in reporting structure for BYU Broadcasting. Effective the day of the announcement, BYU Broadcasting officially transitioned away from the College of Fine Arts and Communications and now reports to the university’s Advancement Vice President, Kevin Worthen.

Although BYU Broadcasting is no longer an arm of the college, the collaborative and creative efforts that have been richly enjoyed will continue and, with the addition of the new facility, these efforts and opportunities are nearly limitless. “While it will no longer be part of the College of Fine Arts and Communications, our collaboration with BYUB will continue and potentially increase as we focus together on supplying excellent content and mentoring students in production-related disciplines,” Jones said.

The college recognizes the benefits and value of this change but BYU Broadcasting will be greatly missed. The college expresses its great gratitude for the tremendous service BYUB has provided and for the dedicated individuals who have pushed the organization to new limits. The administration, faculty and students all look forward to continued collaboration and wish the organization every success in the years ahead.

The creation of the new Broadcasting segment of BYU has allowed for the University to produce new programs such as Studio C and Granite Flats which appeal to a broad audience. BYU TV online provides all the programming of the BYU channel and is available through online streaming to a computer, smart device or through new televisions through a Wii or Andriod Xbox device. In 2012, BYUtv's new family-friendly programming earned the station 11 Emmy Awards.

In 2013, BYU Broadcasting received 16 Emmy Awards at the Rocky Mountain Southwest Chapter of the The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

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