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The Centennial Carillon Tower was constructed as part of the 1975 Centennial celebration events, and it was dedicated at the Founder's Day Convocation in October, 1975, by President Spencer W. Kimball.

The tower consists of a practice room, a clavier room, and a belfry. The tower has 52 bells.

The bells are played daily on the hour, both mechanically and by hand, for concerts by university and visiting carillonneurs, and for each year's commencement exercises. The bells have also been rung on such special occasions as the 1987 U.S. Bicentennial "Bells Across America" honoring the U.S. Constitution; the 1989 national "Bells of Tribute to George Washington" honoring the 200th anniversary of his inauguration as President; and the 1993 "Bells for Hope" national ceremony of 100 universities joining across the nation in the ringing of bells to show support as new President Bill Clinton took office.

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