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Brian D. Christensen graduated from Brigham Young University in 1990 with a bachelor's degree in ceramics. After graduation he attended graduate school at Washington University in St. Louis for his MFA. He taught as an adjunct faculty in St. Louis and also taught at the Salt Lake School for Art and Design. Christensen has been teaching sculpture at BYU since 1993. He is current faculty in the Art Department.

In 2010, Christensen's work was featured in the "Art of Our Century" exhibit at the Woodbury Art Museum in Orem, Utah. In 2012 Christensen teamed up with Oonju Chun to present an exhibit at the Art Barn of Finch Lane Gallery. Christensen's two displays play on the way the brain functions at all levels, from information to hallucination. Earlier that year Christensen participated in an exhibit at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center entitled, "Renewal: Finding Life through Art". He also participated in the Fourth Biannual Untitled Exhibit, where each artwork comes with a pile of tags for the audience to suggest titles for the work. His art was also shown at the Utah Ties Juried Exhibition at the Central Utah Art Center.

In 2014, he was able to attend a week-long pottery workshop in Taos, New Mexico, dedicated to teaching the traditional hand-building methods of the Pueblo Acoma Native Americans. He and the other attendees from BYU collaborated to create pieces by those traditions, and then displayed the pieces in a gallery in the library on campus. The project was funded by the Laycock Center.

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