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Lee Wakefield was the Artistic Director of the award-winning Ballroom Dance Company at Brigham Young University. He served as chair for the Department of Dance from 1999 to 2010. He was with BYU's dance program for more than thirty-five years before retiring in June, 2016.

In 1972 Wakefield arrived at BYU. Having studied dance since age 14, he quickly became involved in the dance program and began teaching classes himself. A semester later Linda Baes arrived at BYU. Raised as a Catholic, Baes came to BYU because it was the only university that offered a ballroom dance program. Six months later she joined the LDS Church and shortly thereafter married Wakefield. He graduated from BYU in 1977 with a bachelor's degree in recreation administration, and in 1982 with a master's degree in dance.

Wakefield and his wife competed together at BYU before moving to California and working their way into the national and international limelight. They were active “world-class” professional competitors, placing third at the World Exhibition Championships in Perth, Australia. They subsequently won two United States National Professional Theater Arts Championships. In 1980, after six years of training, coaching, and competing, they returned to BYU to direct the Ballroom Dance Company. After returning to Provo the pair continued to compete, capturing two consecutive national championships in the theater arts category.

Lee and Linda Wakefield
In 2009, National Dance Association presented Lee and Linda Wakefield with the Heritage Award for their accomplishments and lifetime dedication to ballroom dance. The Heritage Award is the highest honor that NDA bestows on an artist for a lifetime dedicated to dance education excellence.

During their time as directors, the Ballroom Dance Company was selected to be one of only four University performing groups who regularly tour throughout the world each year representing the University and the Church. Also under the Wakefields, the Company has won an additional seventeen British Formation titles and are the undefeated U.S. Formation Team champions since 1982. The company organized the World Amateur Standard Championships at BYU in 1993, and hosted the U.S. National Amateur DanceSport Championship annually since then.

In 2010, the Wakefields hosted the BYU Ballroom Dance Company's golden anniversary concert, "Encore." Over 50 alumni couples from the company's history were in attendance. In 2013 the BYU Ballroom Dance Company, placed first at the Blackpool International Dance Competition. The team received a standing ovation, the first in Blackpool history, for their stunning performance.

Scholarship support for company members has grew tremendously under their leadership, from almost no scholarships to today where all thirty-two members of the BDC are on at least a half-tuition scholarship each year.

Family Life

Wakefield and his wife live in Provo, Utah. They have 5 children and have 5 grandchildren.

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