B-66 and B-67

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B66 Building.JPG
Building B-66 is situated in the southeast corner of campus. Built in 1976 as the Design and Technology building, it originally housed one of the most sophisticated technology programs in the country, with its advanced computer-aided design and manufacturing program, the first of its kind in the nation. With the later addition to campus of the Crabtree Technology Building, the building was renamed B-66 and now houses working areas for the Visual Arts Department, kilns for ceramics, classrooms, and wood shops. The Ceramics and Sculpture programs for the Department of Visual Arts are located here.

Built in 1985, and located in a north corner of campus, B-67 is utilized by the Visual Arts department. In the area are steel/metal presses used in the Graphics program. In addition, the west and south ends of the building house seven or eight printing presses, including inks, lead letters/fonts and other old style lettering and printing tools.
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